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Monitor your slowest pages' performance, and get tips on what to improve - no coding required.

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“I built PerfBeacon to automate a repetitive part of my job.

PerfBeacon allows me to automatically test each deployment, and decide whether or not to revert changes based on performance impact.”

Max Rozen
Creator, PerfBeacon


Simplify your performance monitoring

  • Global Monitoring

    Know how your site performs around the world. Choose from 6 locations across the world to test from.

  • Google Lighthouse, Automated

    PerfBeacon provides powerful automation around an industry-standard, open-source tool.

  • Unlimited Sites

    Track the performance of all of your company's websites, even your competitors, at no extra charge.

  • Invite your entire team

    Your whole team should care about your site's performance. Invite as many team members as you want at no extra cost.

  • Scheduled Monitoring

    Automatically monitor your site's performance throughout the day at regular intervals.

  • Continuous Testing

    Using our API as part of your CI/CD process, you can track the impact of code changes on your performance between deployments.

  • Authenticated Pages

    PerfBeacon can log into your website, letting you test the performance of pages only your users can see.

  • Active Support

    Most support requests are answered by a real human, within 24 hours.


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