Simple Performance Monitoring

Automatically monitor and audit your entire website's performance

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High Performance Frontends

I built PerfBeacon to automate a repetitive part of my job. While working at Expert360, I grew tired of manually running Google Lighthouse each time I wanted to test performance improvements.

PerfBeacon allows me to automatically and consistently test each deployment, and decide whether or not to revert changes based on performance impact.

Max Rozen - Creator of PerfBeacon


Instantly automate your web performance testing

Unlimited Sites

Track the performance of all of your company's websites, even your competitors, at no extra charge.

Authenticated Pages

You can setup a monitor to log into your website, letting you test the performance of pages only your users can see.

Scheduled Monitoring

Automatically track your site's performance throughout the day at regular intervals.

Continuous Testing

Using our API as part of your CI/CD process, you can track the impact of code changes on your performance between deployments.

Isolated Environments

To ensure testing rigour, each performance test is run isolated in its own container.

Active Support

Most support requests are answered by a real human, within 24 hours.