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A new dawn for frontend performance monitoring

Max Rozen

Frontend Monitoring with PerfBeacon

You want to be able to watch your web application for changes in performance, accessibility or SEO. Most people solve this by setting up CI to run Google Lighthouse before deploying.

Since you're checking before deployment, you're probably either checking against a staging environment (therefore not particularly accurate), or spinning up a new environment solely for the purpose of evaluating its performance (highly variable).

PerfBeacon allows you to continuously evaluate your performance, accessibility or SEO by running Lighthouse for you at regular intervals, as well as whenever you need an ad-hoc check.

How it works

  • You log into PerfBeacon
  • Once logged in, you enter the URLs of the pages you want to test
  • PerfBeacon then begins regularly monitoring your web app
  • You can then use the API to manually run tests

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