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New Feature: Teams!

Max Rozen

Wish you could easily share your site's performance metrics with anyone in your team?

Today I'm releasing a new teams feature to let you do just that.

  • No more manually taking screenshots, or downloading and sending reports via Slack.
  • Invite as many people as you want, at no extra cost.

Let's invite our team!

Before we start, you might want to double check, and potentially change your team's name on the team page.

When you create an account, your team name is set to "Personal Organisation" by default.

  • Open the People page within PerfBeacon

    • You should see something similar to the following screen: PerfBeacon People Page
  • Click on "Invite teammate", and enter your teammate's email in the form. You can either add users as "Admin" or "Standard" users. Admin users have full control over a team, while Standard users can only add sites to test, and view results.

    It should look like this: PerfBeacon Invite People Page

  • When you click "Invite", your teammates will get an email that looks like this: PerfBeacon Invited Person Email

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