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Getting Started

What is PerfBeacon?



Ad-hoc Testing

How to test at any time

PerfBeacon currently supports two ways of testing at any time (without a scheduler):

  • Using the API
  • Using the UI

Using the API

Using the API is covered on this page: Deployments.

Note that when triggering the API, the entire site will be tested. This means the combination of all pages, all regions, and all devices will be used.

Using the UI

You can also trigger tests at any time within a site by:

  1. Click into a Site, and clicking on the Results tab.
  2. From there, click Queue Test, and a single test will run for only the specified page, device, and region.
  3. Once you click it, you should see a new result appear, with the status of "In Progress", as below:

Queue test


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