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Everything you need to help keep your site fast

  • Global Monitoring

    Know how your site performs around the world. Choose from 6 locations across the world to test from:

    • Sydney, Australia
    • Paris, France
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Virginia, USA
    • California, USA
    • Singapore

  • Unlimited Sites

    Track the performance of any website, including your competitors, at no extra charge.

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  • Collaboration

    Your whole team should care about your site's performance. Invite as many team members as you want at no extra cost.

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  • Google Lighthouse, Automated

    PerfBeacon provides powerful automation around an industry-standard, open-source tool.

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  • Authenticated Pages

    PerfBeacon can log into your website, letting you test the performance of pages only your users can see.

  • Scheduled Monitoring

    Automatically monitor your site's performance throughout the day at regular intervals.

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  • Continuous Testing

    Using our API as part of your CI/CD process, you can track the impact of code changes on your performance between deployments

  • Isolated Environments

    To ensure test reliability, only one test is run in any single container, at any given time.

  • Active Support

    Most support requests are answered by a real human, within 24 hours.

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